• Q: Will I see a proof?
    A: Definitely yes! You will be provided a populated PDF proof of all the invoices for review before we print and mail.

    Q: Can I speak with a person if I have a question?
    A: Please call…there are real people at SCP who like to talk with our clients and answer your questions... 800-833-7868

    Q: How long does it take to get our invoices in the mail?
    A: Once we have established your layout and have all your data – we will process and deliver to the Post Office within 24 hours.

    Q: How long does it take for the USPS to deliver?
    A: 1-3 days when mailed First-Class.

    Q: Can we supply our own inserts?
    A: Yes…but we discourage. SCP has a crew of talented Graphic Designers and quality printing equipment, therefore no need to supply your
  •     own inserts. Our clients find our prices competitive and when factoring in the shipping…printing with us makes financial sense.
        Contact us at info@scpgroup.net for more information or call us at 800-833-7868.

    Q: Can SCP design the inserts?
    A: Yes…we have a staff of graphic artists available.  

    Q: Will you store preprinted inserts for future mailing?
    A: Yes – SCP will store, free-of-charge, up to three (3) months of materials that SCP printed and are scheduled to be mailed. Storage beyond
  •     three (3) months will be charged $45/30 days per 2’x4’x3’ skid.

    Q: How do I pay for these services?
    A: You will be emailed an invoice with a SECURE quick link to pay via ACH (Electronic Bank Transfer). 
  •     OR go to the Pay Now Tab at the Top of this Website. 
  •     OR Just Click HERE https://quickclick.com/r/vtj3y

    Q: How do I get my data to you?
    A: SCP will provide a unique and secure URL for you to transmit your data.

    Q: Will I get confirmation when my mail is in the postal stream?
    A: Yes – we provide a PDF copy of the Postal Form PS-3600 providing you all the pertinent information about your mailing.